owner: ALEXIS (SASHA) CARDENAS, Certified Advanced Rolfer,™ CMT  CAMTC# 33148
Sasha specializes in Rolfing® Structural Integration, Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy Bodywork. She brings a slow, "listening" approach to her bodywork-- working deeply without triggering the body to be defensive. Sasha's work is compassionate, intuitive and collaborative. Most recently, Sasha enjoys taking on "problem" cases and helping clients resolve hard to treat pain and injuries through her studies in nerve manipulation and mobilization. In additon to her education and professional training, Sasha draws from her experience in dance, acting, professional singing, collegiate level sports, sports medicine, and coaching to meet the needs of each client who walks through her door.

KATHERINE DAVIS, Certified Rolfer™, CMT
Specializing in: structural integration, Visceral Manipulation, prenatal and postpartum bodywork, basic craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, migraine and headache relief, Lomi Lomi, orthopedic and medical massage. 
Katherine Davis has been studying forms of Bodywork and Massage since 2011. She is highly experienced with many different modalities of Structural Integration and Bodywork. This expertise allows her to customize solutions specifically tailored to the individual needs of her clients. Additionally, Katherine's experience as a Doula enables her to partner with other practitioners and use complimentary therapies to curate a holistic program for each client.
Originally from Texas, she enjoys hiking with her dog Leroy, gardening, yoga and cooking for family and friends.

The very same week that Esther gave birth to her son, her husband was diagnosed with cancer. It was during this time that her interest in massage therapy went from general interest to deep passion. Watching the visceral effects of touch affect her husband during treatment really inspired her to spread healing through the use of touch. Esther's work incorporates Eastern style point work and integrative flowing strokes. She tailors each session in order to focus on the individual client's needs and wants. Esther graduated from the San Francisco campus of the National Holistic Institute and has over 900 hours of massage therapy training and is a California Certified Massage Therapist with the CAMTC.
Julie is a graduate of the San Francisco School of Massage & Bodywork where she has received over 1200 hours of training. She integrates a variety of modalities: Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Ortho-Bionomy, Cranial Sacral, Shiatsu and Cupping into her bodywork to provide the most effective treatment for her clients. Her approach to massage is to treat each client with compassion and to listen to not only their words, but also their bodies. She enjoys the personal connection achieved when working with clients, bringing them relief from stress, tension and pain, as well as providing them space to feel cared for and nurtured.
Passionate about continuing to learn more about the human body and bodywork, Julie continues her studies at the San Francisco School of Massage in the Ortho-Bionomy Associate Practitioner Program, the Morales Method Certified Practitioner Program and participates in the Teaching Assistant Program.