Rolfing® Structural Integration is a health care practice that uses intentional touch to reshape, align, and balance the body. Rolfing uses a whole-body approach to enhance ease of movement, body efficiency, and general well being. Through this process, individuals learn more about their body and how it functions.

More specifically, Rolfing systematically addresses the entire body by manipulating its network of soft connective tissue. This tissue, known as fascia, gives the body its form. Over time, gravity, injuries, and day-to-day use often cause patterns of tension and strain. Undesireable patterns can lead to discomfort and pain that range from annoying to disabling. These pattern are released as the practitioner slowly applies directed pressure through hands-on touch and by requesting specific movements. The body, through its own wisdom, reorganizes! Alignment improves throughout the Rolfing series as the practitioner and client together release and reposition the connective tissue network.

Rolfing is typically received in a series of 10 to 12 sessions, with each session addressing a  different aspect of the body. Sessions are between 60 and 75 minutes long and are usually spaced 1 to 2 weeks apart.

*Because the practitioner needs to see your structure before, during and after a session, most clients, both men and women go through the sessions in their underwear.* A two piece bathing suit is also an option for women. Once you are on the table, you will have a sheet or blanket covering you.

The results of Rolfing are intended to be long-lasting. Periodic "tune up" sessions may be appropriate, especially after injury or trauma.

$210 per session ($200 cash price)

For more information on Rolfing,® visit the Rolf Institute