Welcome to Inline Bodies Rolfing® and Massage, owned and operated by Sasha Cardenas, Certified Rolfer™ and licensed massage therapist. Through Rolfing Structural Integration and customized deep tissue massage, Sasha and her team specialize in the treatment and prevention of pain and injuries. Whether you are a high performance athlete, desk jockey, or sore and achy mother-to-be, we will help get you out of pain and back inline!

The easiest way to make an appointment or purchase a gift certificate is though our online booking system. If you don't see the appointment you'd like or have specific questions regarding the right session for you, feel free to give us a call or send an e-mail.

(415) 364-8095


*Sasha is now offering massage again, but please note that her prices have changed. When booking online, select the categrory 'Wellness and Integrative.'


*Service Menu*


  • Rolfing® sessions $175 (cash price: $160)
  • Rolfing (extended time) $250
  • Massage with Sasha: $150/$180/$220 (cash price: $140/$170/$200)
  • 30min TMJ Release $75
  • 60min TMJ Release $145


  • 30min Massage $60
  • 60min Massage $115
  • 75min Massage $140
  • 90min Massage $165
  • 90min Massage with TMJ release $190
  • 60min Prenatal Massage $115
  • 75min Prenatal Massage $140
  • 90min Prenatal Massage $165